Project Description

Dose-Map™ provides a simple and proactive method of assuring the dose delivered by a blood irradiator. It’s a quick and easy procedure anyone who knows how to operate a blood irradiator can do. The Dose-Map cassette is placed inside the irradiator for one cycle. Inside the Dose-Map cassette is a piece of Gafchromic™ film, the world’s highest resolution dosimeter. The Gafchromic™ film allows for a clear and accurate picture of how the irradiator is operating during a normal irradiation cycle. Additionally, the Dose-Map™ measurements are indexed to alanine which is co-irradiated with the Gafchromic™ film. Alanine is an internationally recognized dosimetry transfer standard. After irradiation, the Dose-Map cassette is simply returned to Ashland for analysis and you will be issued a Dose-Mapping report.